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Lavender and Brown - The York Mysteries

Welcome to the crazy world of Lavender and Brown!


Meet James Lavender:


Being able to tell when people are lying must be the ideal gift for the private detective. Well, not if your name is James Lavender – lazy, self-entitled, impossible to deal with; and they're not even his worst qualities!


Meet Sydney Brown:


James’ beleaguered pie-and-pint-loving business partner. He’s the only person in the world who knows James’ secret. He’s honest, trustworthy, and thick-skinned – well, he has to be!


Meet Rose McCarthy:


A beautiful actress and pushy apprentice figure who walks into their detective agency requesting a job. James is not going to stand for that, is he?


Meet Mrs Wilkins:


James Lavender’s poor housekeeper. Don’t worry, she gives as much as she takes. Whether it’s throwing mops or shoes at her uncaring employer. She always wins in the end.


The plot?

Oh, didn’t you hear? The Lavender and Brown detective agency stands on the edge of bankruptcy. Surely, the small matter of a missing gardener’s not going to prevent that, is it?


Set in the year 1888 in the historic city of York. It’s a satisfying whodunnit mystery series, featuring a host of riotous characters and farcical comic situations. Let the chaos begin!

'I LOVE this book! I was absolutely blown away!' - Jotate123.


'It gave me such Sherlock Holmes nostalgia.' - Nadeen.

Free with Kindle Unlimited!

'Laugh out loud funny.' Alison S.

Cover design by Ejp Covers.

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