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Lavender and Brown - York Shorts

The perfect introduction to the crazy world of Lavender and Brown. The chaotic mystery comedy series set in York in 1888.

The Midnight Potato Thief

Follow James Lavender and Sydney Brown on their very first case – in The Midnight Potato Thief! Someone is stealing potatoes (and other food products) in the middle of the night and leaving little notes. No, it’s not exactly what James expected when setting up a detective business at all, but can they solve the mystery?

The York Treasure Hunt

Join James Lavender and Sydney Brown as they race against time to track down the loot against the devious criminal, Bill Weatherall. You can play along too. Simply find the interactive map of York from 1852 and join them on their adventures.

Mrs Digby’s Cat

Oh, dear. Things have not been progressing very well for James Lavender and Sydney Brown when they are left looking for crazy lady’s cat. And what about the card game? Surely, nothing can go wrong on that front with James’ ability to spot lies, can it?

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