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Lavender and Brown - The Castle Howard Christmas Mysteries

OUT NOW! - book 2 in the Lavender and Brown series! 


With a flood of new cases following their recent successes, James Lavender is still not happy. The newly apprenticed Rose McCarthy is proving to be far too efficient and organised. So much so, that James now finds himself with little ‘musing’ time in Boaters café across the road.

So, when a letter arrives from Earl George Howard inviting them all to a Christmas event (including Sydney and his family), James firmly puts his foot down. However, Rose has other ideas…

Christmas at Castle Howard is exactly as James had predicted. It’s complete and utter mayhem, with non-stop games and nonsense. Mr Landley won’t leave him alone and the Talbots are still out for revenge. But there’s one thing James Lavender didn’t predict. Murder.

Lavender and Brown – The Castle Howard Christmas Mysteries is the second instalment of the Lavender and Brown mystery comedy series which takes place in York in the year 1888.

Cover design by Ejp Covers.

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